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Nanyang Polytechnic Students Provide Toons for Trains

Starting on February 12, 2004, a total of 27 animated shorts from Nanyang Polytechnic students will air on MRT trains in Singapore, reports CHANNEL NEWS ASIA. Nanyang Polytechnic partner TV Mobile put the deal together.

Kim Wong-Nathan, programming director of TV Mobile at MediaCorp, said, "Our average commuting time is about 26 minutes and these animations comes in fun short bites, and it's actually refreshing and entertaining for our TV commuters, and for people on the move."

Bruce Poh, deputy principal of Nanyang Polytechnic, said, "When they see a five-minute animation they thought that it can be produced in a very short time, but it takes a lot of hard work, months of scripting, writing storyboards, creating the effects and so on."

Chan Pei Shan, creator of award-winning short LACRIMOSA, said, "When I speak to people, a lot of them do not realize that we have a pool of talents in Singapore. So by doing this, they will actually realize... you know what? Our young kids can do this as well."

Nanyang Polytechnic is committed to providing quality education and training to prepare graduates for life and work, equipping them to contribute to the technological, economic and social development of Singapore. For more information, visit

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