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Nando Costa's Nervo Becomes NANDO@BENT

Press Release from NANDO@BENT

International award-winning Creative/Director Nando Costa, founder of top industry leading design and animation studio Nervo, has teamed with Portland-based Bent Image Lab to form, NANDO@BENT. Costa brings his entire Nervo shop to BENT, including creative partner Linn Olofsdotter. Costa, age 30, will become the fourth partner of BENT which includes: Co-Founder/EP Ray Di Carlo, Co-Founder/Director Chel White, and Co-Founder/Director David Daniels.

The Brazilian-born Costa brings a sprawling portfolio to BENT that includes everything from branding efforts, commercials, broadcast TV, photography, and a range of expertise that will completely reshape BENT into a true one-stop content creation studio. "BENT has consistently evolved since our founding in 2002, and joining forces with Nando is just one more move forward," stated Di Carlo. "His branding expertise, acute eye, and unparalleled experience in motion graphics will further complement our existing range of animation services."

Daniels added, "Nando is re-defining the future of motion graphics with every job he does. He takes immense joy in all his work, especially design, and that's a gift that will germinate throughout the character and story-telling traditions of this studio, thus strengthening everyone around him."

White notes, "I was a big fan of Nando's work well before I ever met him. In fact, I regarded the motion graphics work he did with Nakd to be the best contemporary work out there, period. I've always had a sense that he innately understands the impact of what he does in the realm of design, and its effect on modern thinking."

Nervo's wildly productive run included a wide range of animated films and commercials for Zune, Nike, Timex, Dentyne, Adobe and FOX. As creative director at Boston-based agency Modernista!, Costa helped put together memorable spots for Napster, Budweiser, and HUMMER. Back in his native Brazil, Costa founded the design/animation company Nakd in Rio with his wife and creative partner Linn Olofsdotter. Within two years, Nakd was a world-class production studio with clients that included MTV, Diesel, Country Music Television, the Fine Living Network and Panasonic. Costa is also the editor of two books, BRASIL INSPIRED and DISORDER IN PROGRESS, which feature the work of Brazilian artists and art inspired by the nation's culture.

"After growing Nervo into a go-to shop for motion graphics, I was ready to take the operation to the next level," Costa said. "I saw a real opportunity to align myself with a company that had a strong history and great leadership. I'm really happy to be involved in something truly unique."