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Nan Desu Kan Brings The Art Of Anime To The Rockies

* Friday, October 13 Sunday, October 15, 2000. Lakewood, Colorado, U.S.A.

The Nan Desu Kan Japanese Animation Convention celebrates the art of anime. The festivals guest will be Hiroki Hayashi, animation director at AIC in Japan and creator of the series TENCHI MUYO! Nan Desu Kan will also feature Japanese and American voice-over artists, three 24-hour video rooms, video gaming rooms, an art and model show, an art seminar, guest panels and cultural seminars on Japanese language, music, culture and clothing. The event is expecting approximately 1,500 people this year. For more information contact Becca Norman - director, Nan Desu Kan at: 1552 Monroe St., Denver, Colorado 80206-1850, U.S.A.; E-mail:; or Web:

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