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Naked Sky Ent., Spinoff Studios Employ modo on RoboHordes

Luxology Llc. announced that Spinoff Studios and Naked Sky Ent. used modo as the core modeling tool for ROBOHORDES, a 3D robot combat demo created to demonstrate the processing power of Intels dual-core processor during the 2005 Game Developers Conference (GDC, booth #726).

Developed by Naked Sky Ent. as a showcase demo for Intels dual core processor, the Intel Pentium Processor Extreme Edition, Robohordes used modo, a powerful subdivision surface and polygonal modeling platform, to build and optimize 3D models for the realtime physics-based 3D robot combat demo. Jake Carvey, director of Spinoff Studios ( in downtown Los Angeles, served as lead artist, to develop and manage the art production pipeline, which required the creation of two complete sets of assets: efficient realtime models and corresponding high-resolution, film-quality meshes. Color, shading and normal maps are extracted which work together in the game engine to create rich, visually complex models with realtime self-shadowing.

modo has proven to be a great time saver on all levels, said Carvey. The responsiveness and intuitiveness of the editing tools help keep the creative juices flowing, while features such as geometry snapping help to keep detailing operations quick and seamless. The neutral interface colors and the wide selection of wireframe and shading options prevent fatigue. The entire team is very impressed!

The short production schedule for the ROBOHORDES demo made it imperative that Jakes team have the ability to quickly and easily re-optimize assets in order to meet polygon budgets, and exchange those assets between Maya, LightWave and the game editor. modo was invaluable in handling the conversion between the teams different programs; its responsive and intuitive mesh optimization tools, slice functions, and improved edge and vertex deletion modes allowed the team to make changes to the games assets without changing the scale or integrity of the UV information.

Naked Sky Ent. ( is an independent game development house based in Los Angeles.

Based in San Mateo, California, Luxology Llc. ( is an independent technology company developing high-end 3D content creation tools that enhance productivity for artists working in the film, television, gaming and print industries.