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Nagel Joins jadooWorks To Consult

Jan Nagel joined the jadooWorks marketing team as a consultant it was announced by CEO Rajiv Marwah. Along with Elizabeth Koshy, North American marketing director of jadooWorks, Nagel will provide business development and marketing services in Southern California. Since 1991, Nagel has done marketing and business development for production studios including Dream Quest Images, Calico Entertainment and VirtualMagic Animation. She also is president of Women In Animation. jadooWorks, based in Bangalore, India, offers animation production services specializing in CGI with the capabilities of also handling 2D and 3D combination animation, as well as Flash.Said Koshy, "We are producing 3D animation for 26 episodes for Mike Young Productions and have other productions in the pipeline. Jan will work with existing clients while locating new opportunities." For more information about jadooWorks Animation Studio, visit its Website at