Search form Partners With Vuze

MyToons animated content will now be available to Vuze's 30 million member worldwide audience. Joining global television networks and production studios, MyToons debuts its first channel -- MyToons Cartoon Classics -- set to entertain Vuze members with an array of vintage animations. Featuring classics like POPEYE and BETTY BOOP, viewers can appreciate these time honored animations created before the computer age.

"With the recent rise of CG animation, The MyToons Cartoon Classics Channel is a great way to look back at the hand drawn origins of animation and appreciate how the art has evolved," said Paul Ford, president of MyToons. "We recognize the vast creative talent that went into these classic animations and hope that they will not only entertain, but will also inspire the Vuze audience to create compelling new high resolution content."

MyToons is currently developing additional Vuze channels that will highlight the work of select up-and-coming global animators, including HD animation. These MyToons-member channels will showcase the very best in international independent cartoons and animations. Through this dynamic partnership, MyToons animation community members gain valuable exposure through the Vuze platform.

The MyToons Cartoon Classics Channel is also available on, and includes all of the animations available on Vuze, plus many more.