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Muzzy Lane Makes History

Educational software company Muzzy Lane has licensed NDL's NetImmerse 3D game engine and development toolkit and Quazal's Eterna game connectivity software to create a series of historical simulation games designed for the classroom. Aimed at high school and college students, Muzzy Lane's network-based strategy games will combine historical accuracy with engaging game play in scenarios that are appropriate as homework or classroom activities. To learn about World War II for example, students can focus not only on military strategies but on diplomacy, geography and economics as well. Quazal's networking software will allow Muzzy Lane to incorporate multi-player scenarios, meaning students can play as a group either with or against each other in real time. In the World War II scenario, for example, students can compete against each other as different countries involved in the conflict. The company hopes to appeal to both curriculum-minded teachers and technology-savvy students who have grown up with great gaming graphics. "Our ultimate goal is to combine the strong graphical content of a game such as SID MEIER'S CIVILIZATION III, the strategy and interaction of traditional board games like RISK or DIPLOMACY and the academic content of a well-written history book," explained Muzzy Lane president, Nick deKanter.