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Mutants And Arachnids Hit The Shelves

Activision, Inc. has released SPIDER-MAN for the PC and SPIDER-MAN: MYSTERIO'S MENACE and X-MEN: REIGN OF APOCALYPSE, both for the Game Boy Advance. These releases mark the super heroes' debut on Nintendo's new handheld video game system. SPIDER-MAN: MYSTERIO'S MENACE lets pocket gamers live the fantasy of Marvel's legendary webslinger with the enhanced, side-scrolling gameplay and powerful graphics of the Game Boy Advance. When Mysterio unleashes his illusory schemes, Spider-Man must stop his evil plan and restore life to normal. X-MEN: REIGN OF APOCALYPSE features four of Marvel's most popular X-Men --Wolverine, Storm, Rogue and Cyclops -- in a side-scrolling brawler as they try to escape arch-villain Apocalypse. The games feature two different gameplay modes -- single-player story and multi-player versus. Along the way, players will interact with over 30 other characters from the X-Men Universe. SPIDER-MAN for the PC is the first free-roaming, 3D action/adventure game to feature the arachnid hero. Framed by super-villains, Spider-Man must unite his super strength with his web-slinging, wall-climbing agility and "Spider-Sense" to clear his name and capture enemies such as Rhino, Mysterio and Scorpion. Eight main comic book locations and 30 sub-section levels set the stage for the battles. All of the games are rated "E" for Everyone. Suggested retail price: $29.99 PC and $39.99 Game Boy Advance.