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Murphy returns to PJs

Eddie Murphy has rejoined the voice cast of Fox's Will VintonStudios-produced comedy, THE PJS, after angrily walking out on the showwhen Fox decided to hold it back for midseason rather than giving it a sloton the fall schedule. Murphy, a co-creator of THE PJS who has provided thevoice of lead character Thurgood Stubbs, had already recorded eight of nextseason's 22 episodes before he walked. Producer Imagine TV used Murphysound-alike Phil Morris for two episodes, but it's undetermined whetherMurphy will re-record these two due to the cost of such a re-do. Now thatthe voicing problem is resolved, Imagine TV brass are said to have warmedup to the idea of holding off on the PJS second season bow, but sourcesclose to the situation say Fox network executives are at fault for failingto give Murphy much advance notice of the scheduling decision and itsrationale.