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Munro a Real Cut-Up on DVD

Described as a combination of Joan Miró, Buster Keaton, Chuck Jones, Gene Kelly and Felix the Cat, the iconoclastic animator, actor, dancer, cinematographer and editor Grant Munro is paid tribute on the new DVD CUT-UP: THE FILMS OF GRANT MUNRO (Image, $29.99). Presented by The National Film Board of Canada (where Monroe worked) and Milestone Films, the disc features 109 minutes of significant hand-drawn and pixilated animation, live action and documentary shorts covering 1945-1983.

The 80-year-old Munro (who was fetted earlier in the month with a retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art), collaborated with legendary animator Norman McLaren on some of their best-known work, including the pixilated masterpiece NEIGHBOURS (1953's Oscar- winner for Best Short Film). A special treat is two never-completed Munro/McLaren shorts, SIX AND SEVEN EIGHTS and ON THE FARM, along with Munro classics such as THREE BLIND MICE, TWO BAGATELLES, CHRISTMAS CRACKER, CANON, TOYS and THE ANIMAL MOVIE.