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Multiplatform 'Space Heroes Universe' Expands ‘Toon Output

Bubble Gum Interactive’s virtual world and multi-platform brand, Space Heroes Universe, adds to its animated online cartoon series with “Rumble in the Jungle.”

SYDNEY – Bubble Gum Interactive’s virtual world, Space Heroes Universe, which has recently inspired toys, books and card games, is adding to its animated online cartoon series.

Episode 2, “Rumble in the Jungle!” sees the intrepid Space Heroes face their biggest challenge yet – literally! Lord Shadowbot’s unleashed a diabolical giant robot mining machine and is plundering a mysterious planet of its energy crystals. It’s up to our Space Heroes (and some four legged friends) to face off to Shadowbot’s long-suffering henchmen Nyxx and Smashbot and foil the dastardly plan. The episode infuses a hearty serving of comedy fun with slapstick humour and cheeky references to classic films such as The Empire Strikes Back and the Karate Kid.

“Space Heroes Universe is a growing multiplatform brand experience encompassing an acclaimed virtual world and games for mobile,” said Phil Mason, CEO Bubble Gum Interactive. “Our first cartoon had such a positive response, even winning the 2012 Pixel Award, we’re thrilled to bring the second episode to our millions of fans worldwide.”

Episode 2 marks another push in the right direction, with the team at Bubble Gum focused on continued growth of the Space Heroes Universe brand franchise. In addition to the toons, the company plan to release an epic story-driven mobile game early in 2014 to feed the appetites of the current global community of more than 2 million registered Space Heroes Universe players.

Watch the new episode, below:

“Storytelling is shifting from traditional broadcast TV to digital platforms” said Paul Gray, CMO. “By creating these fun, bite-sized toons for our fans, we’re able to take the story direct to smartphones and tablets.”

As part of its push into mobile gaming, Bubble Gum Interactive is launching a diverse range of upcoming titles. Their first game Jetpack Jinx has had in excess of 200,000 device installs, demonstrating strong demand for story-driven content from the award winning studio. The studio will soon be unveiling its highly anticipated Cake Bake Blitz, a delicious tale sure to delight existing and new fans around the world.

Source: Bubblegum Interactive

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