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Mulan II Now on DVD

MULAN II, the DVD premiere 2D sequel from DisneyToon Studios (Buena Vista Home Ent. $29.99), continues the highly popular Chinese legend of Fa Mulan (voiced again by Ming-Na Wen and sung by Lea Salonga) and her heroics. Story picks up one month after the first film, with Mulan becoming engaged to General Li Shang; however, the wedding plans are put on hold when they are assigned a secret mission involving arranged marriages for the three princesses with a rival kingdom to avert an invasion. Guardian dragon Mushu (this time voiced by Mark Moseley) tries to breakup the happy couple for job security. Produced by Jennifer Blohm and directed by Darrell Rooney and Lynne Southerland. Voice cast includes B.D. Wong, Lucy Liu, Harvey Fierstein, Pat Morita and George Takei.

Bonus features include:* Voices of Mulan, a star-studded feature highlighting the voice cast.* Deleted Scenes* "The World of Mulan," a fun-filled tour of China's rich history and culture.* "Mushu's Guess Who" game* (I WANNA BE) LIKE OTHER GIRLS Animated Music Video, performed by Atomic Kitten