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MTV Greenlights Two New Comedies

MTV has announced its 2001 slate of animated projects, which includes two green-lit animated comedy series and a full roster of other series in development. These shows represent the networks most ambitious move yet into the world of animation, teaming MTV with an A-list of writers, artists and producers. CLONE HIGH follows the lives of four present day high school characters that happen to be cloned from the extracted DNA of some of the most important men and women in history. Characters include Abe (Abraham Lincoln's DNA) a tall, lanky, typical high school guy; Joan (Joan of Arc's DNA), a young woman who is goth and misunderstood; Gandhi (Gandhi's DNA), the consummate party boy; and Cleopatra (Cleopatras DNA), the ultimate babe. Phil Lord and Chris Miller (WB's ZOE and the upcoming NBC comedy GO FISH) will write and executive produce for MTV, with Bill Lawrence serving as executive producer. TIME BOYS, a half-hour animated comedy series MTV has green-lit for pilot, features three slacker, 20-something misfits, Stevie Ray, Pud and Odell, all of whom live at home with their parents. Steve Ray and Pud work at the local slaughterhouse, while Odell spends his time tinkering with the time machine he built in his parents' garage. In trying to capitalize and make money off Odell's invention, the three become involved in some hilarious historical recreations. Peter Gaulke and Gerry Swallow, the duo who recently penned the feature SAY IT ISN'T SO, will write TIME BOYS. Jersey TV is set to produce. "Our goal is to continue to push the envelope of animated entertainment with new concepts and innovative formats," said Abby Terkuhle, president, MTV Animation. "MTV has always been committed to bringing cutting edge animation to our viewers and today's announcement continues that tradition of experimentation and creative excellence." The two green-lit animated series will be produced by MTV Animation, in conjunction with MTV Development, which is overseen by John Miller.

Other MTV Animation projects in development for 2001 are:

MISS MUFFY AND THE MUFF MOB - an adaptation of the rap Webtoon MISS MUFFY AND THE MUFF MOB, the show follows the adventures of a foul-mouthed gang of muffin-baking moppets. The Web series features music and beats by popular rap groups like Pharcyde. MISS MUFFY AND THE MUFF MOB is produced by Bullseye Art for MTV Animation.

BLOID - the first ever interactive cartoon tabloid game show. In each episode three outrageous stories are animated; one is true and the other two are blatant lies. It's the audience's job to figure out which is which. BLOID was developed by artist Chris Sperandio. Peter Reichert (BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD) is the producer for MTV Animation.

MTV'S HECKLE AND JECKLE - MTV Animation is revamping the classic cartoon duo of Heckle and Jeckle for a new generation. These two talking magpies with their wise-guy attitude and anything-goes approach to life originally appeared in a series of classic Terrytoons shorts. Jerry Beck is the producer for MTV Animation. MTV'S HECKLE AND JECKLE is a co-production with Viacom Productions.

MONKEYWEINER.COM - created by animator/designer Jim Benton, this series centers around Steve and Donnelly, two down-and-out writers who join forces and take career matters into their own hands by launching a Web site that explores and critiques the far corners of the Internet. Andrew Borakove (SOUTH PARK and DILBERT) is attached as co-writer.

LEFT OF THE DIAL - an animated comedy created by Tom Snyder (DR. KATZ: PROFESSIONAL THERAPIST). The series follows the exploits of two college DJ's Drew and Garrett. Their outrageous antics often land them in hot water with Kat, the student station manager, and their faculty advisor. Whatever they get themselves into, they always seem to just squeak by. Interviews with real musicians and celebrities will be woven into each episode.

CONSPIRACY 101 the series is based on the happenings at a very strange radio show on station WORY, hosted by the equally eccentric Detective Arcane. Arcane is a conspiracy addict who constantly becomes embroiled in the most nefarious schemes to overthrow the world. His teenage intern, Athena, thinks he's a quack, but she reluctantly comes to his aid in order to secure her position at WORY and one day gain the job she craves. Created by Adam Mortimer and Alex Haseltine.

NEVERMORE (working title) - created by Mike Dougherty, this animated horror series probes the inner mind of Ebola, a teenager, who sees strange things in her conservative, Stepford-like small town. Week to week, the audience must determine: is it real or is it just a little insanity?

B-LUV's PLAYERS - six diverse college students form a band and try to make it in the music world led by B-Luv, a "Puff Daddy-like" entrepreneur. Together they experience independence, sexuality and potential fame all for the first time. Created by Phil Beauman (SCARY MOVIE).

HAIRBALLS - created by Doug Lawrence, and produced by Film Roman, HAIRBALLS is a satirical twist on the classic "cat and mouse" cartoons, revealing the dark side of three domestic cats that live together and are desperate to get along while dealing with the daily trials of living the cat lifestyle.

MTV Animation has also closed separate development deals with Glenn Eichler, creator of MTV's current animated hit, DARIA, and Matt Harrigan, the head writer of the popular MTV animated show, CELEBRITY DEATHMATCH. Eichler's yet untitled project is a comedy about students getting through the trials and tribulations of college life.