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MTV Debuts New Animated Comedy this Summer

MTV is bringing unfiltered comedy with a twist all summer long as the network premieres a new daily lineup combining three unique genres like they've never been done before. The weekday comedy block kicked off this pas Monday, inviting fans to sit back, relax and be entertained by some pretty hilarious, balls out comedy. The new block includes the animated strip, DJ & THE FRO, a funny look at questionable couplings in IS SHE REALLY GOING OUT WITH HIM? and not really a game show game show with SILENT LIBRARY.

BEAVIS & BUTTHEAD, DARIA, and CELEBRITY DEATHMATCH paved the way for MTV's fresh animation series, DJ & THE FRO. Chronicling the working lives of DJ and The Fro, two twenty-something slackers who spend most of their days avoiding work and watching viral videos. DJ & THE FRO is creator driven mixed media animation with the web's funniest and sometimes bizarre clips woven into a narrative comedy.

DJ -- Working his first real job, wants to do well, but it's just so hard with all of these awesome internet clips out there! He is a bit neurotic, but not the kind that does well at work -- the kind that's really, really fun to mess with.

The Fro -- Also working his first real job, but knows his true destiny is finding the ultimate internet clip. If you dare him to do something, he'll do it. And if you don't dare him, he'll dare himself, to prove that you're a wuss for not daring him. And of course, his trademark is his glorious red afro.