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Mr. X Thinks Outside The Box For Hypercube

Toronto-based visual effects company Mr. X, Inc. has been tapped by Lions Gate Entertainment for effects supervision and to create a mix of character animation, photo-realistic environments, effects animation and complete the compositing for Hypercube, the sequel to the 1997 sci-fi thriller Cube. The Mr. X team, led by president Dennis Berardi and visual effects supervisor Aaron Weintraub, are creating the effects for virtually everything that makes the cube a harrowing experience for those trapped within its confines. Berardi explained, "The characters slowly realize that they are stuck in a room unlike any other. In addition to height, depth and width, there is an unsettling fourth dimension of time and space in which bizarre things occur." Working closely with director Andrzej Sekula, Mr. X has seen several of their ideas incorporated into the script. "We have developed 3-dimensionally animated storyboards for all of the complex sequences and in many scenarios are shooting the actors completely green screen and rendering the entire environment in CG," explained Berardi. Armed with an on-set compositing platform, Mr. X is using a video tap off of the 35mm motion picture camera allowing for real-time camera alignment and temporary composites to insure that the shots work logistically before moving on to the next set-up. In addition to Hypercube, Mr. X is completing visual effects work on the feature films Ararat, Men With Brooms and American Psycho II, all of which are scheduled for 2002 release.