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Mr. Nobody Causes Chaos for Leto & Polley

Jared Leto and Sarah Polley have signed onto the romantic, sci-fi drama MR. NOBODY, according to THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER. Jaco Van Dormael (THE EIGHTH DAY) wrote the script and will direct.

Based on chaos theory, the story set in the near future centers on 120-year-old Nemo Nobody (Leto), the last mortal in a world of happy immortals, as he recalls his years of marriage.

The $40-$50 million film will start production next week and will lens in Brussels, Montreal and Berlin.

Pan Europeenne.cq's Phillippe Godeau is the producer. Integral Film's Alfred Hurmer, Lago Film's Marco Mehlitz, Christal Films' Christian Larouche, Scope Investment's Alexandre Lippens and Genevieve Lemal, Caviar's Bert Hamelinck and Group Un's Daniel Marquet are all producing in some capacity.

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