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MPC Teams with Psyop for Fly Buys

MPC collaborates with Psyop LA on a new photoreal spot for Fly Buys.

Loyal Fly Buys users know that pretty amazing things can happen when they take advantage of the sprawling rewards program. In a new spot done in collaboration with Psyop LA, MPC suggests that Fly Buys may be even more remarkable than most of its loyal users realize.

“Something A Little Bit Good”is a mystical adventure of a spot, toggling between store check-out scenes and fantastic panoramas of animals in some far-off naturalistic nirvana. A cashier’s swipe at a supermarket or electronics store might correspond with a cloud of butterflies forming in a meadow, a frog relaxing in a forest stream with an army of guppies servicing his webbed feet, or a polar bear taking a plunge from a cliff into a swimming hole. The juxtaposition of the varying elements suggests that there may be more to the company’s slogan – “Every time you swipe, something a little bit good happens” – than we realize.

MPC worked directly with Psyop throughout the production process, integrating the 3D creatures with Psyop’s live-action footage. “We wanted to create something that looked like museum dioramas, but with photoreal animals,” stated MPC LA MD Andrew Bell.

MPC dove deep into their reservoir of creature experience to achieve this level of realism, using photoreal fur dynamics, and muscular and skeletal techniques all developed in-house through MPC Features. Still, even with a treasure trove of experience creating compellingly life-like creatures for the likes of Hyundai and Skittles Riddles, the realistic depiction of animals engaging in such unlikely acts proved to be an especially stimulating challenge.

“We walked a line between the impossible and the very real,” noted MPC LA MD Andrew Bell. “We designed these fun portraits of animal magic so that you’d want to believe in them, sticking to the constraints of physics and anatomy. We wanted viewers to be left with a sense that, though these actions couldn’t be true, maybe they were.”

Source: MPC

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