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MPC Increases Capacity in Vancouver, London

Press Release from MPC

MPC is to undergo significant expansion in the coming months. Capacity is set to increase in both the Vancouver and London studios. Vancouver to accommodate a number of recent project awards as well as ongoing work on PERCY JACKSON, alongside a 20% increase in film animation and layout in London. Vancouver's 45% increase in head count will boost the current Homer/Davie street studio capacity which recently completed VFX work for Jonathan Mostow's THE SURROGATES, and is currently working on Christopher Columbus' PERCY JACKSON AND THE LIGHTNING THIEF and Elizabeth Allen's RAMONA AND BEEZUS.

The office, headed by Michelle Grady, is perfectly situated to take advantage of British Columbia's generous tax breaks, which are understandably attractive to the West Coast US film industry. "We are pleased to see that the studios are continuing to bring top level VFX work to Vancouver and BC in general. Being a base just three hours away from LA, and in the same time zone really appears to be seen as beneficial by Clients."

Also, spearheading the Vancouver expansion is MPC Vancouver CTO, Nick Cannon. Excited by the challenge of his imminent move and the new horizon Nick explains; "Im really looking forward to marrying the best of MPC in London with the huge potential of the VFX community in Vancouver. The plans and projects in the pipeline are incredibly exciting and I have to say the lifestyle led by the team over there is very attractive, I'm really looking forward to substituting the London cityscape for the natural beauty of British Columbia."

MPC London is also undergoing expansion with extra seats having been added to the film animation and layout teams. The Wardour Street building is currently being re-fit to accommodate an 20% increase in capacity. The team is currently completing work on GI Joe, THE WOLFMAN, PRINCE OF PERSIA, PERCY JACKSON AND THE LIGHTNING THIEF, NOTTINGHAM, and the bulk of CLASH OF THE TITANS.

With these developments; MPC's recruitment team are on the lookout for talented individuals to work in each of their locations; and will have a booth at SIGGRAPH New Orleans where they will be interviewing for specific roles. To find out if you are eligible for an interview email;