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MPC Goes Behind the Scenes of ‘Elephunk’

London-based VFX house goes behind the scenes of the new Money Supermarket spot, “Epic Elephunk.” 

London-based VFX house MPC has released a making-of video that goes behind the scenes of the new Money Supermarket spot, “Epic Elephunk.”

Produced by prodco Smuggler for agency Mother, the ad features a funky 15-foot African bull elephant strutting the streets of Vancouver.

Working closely with director Guy Shelmerdine, MPC concepted and developed the 15-foot tall mammal as a continuation of Money Supermarkets “save money, feel epic” campaign focusing on the comparison site’s car insurance offering.

“The biggest challenge was creating an elephant that could pull out the moves with the best of them, yet was also believable and true to life. We solved this by ensuring his dance moves stayed within the realms of what a real elephant could do,” MPC 3D Supervisor Fabian Frank explained. “The second challenge came with integrating the elephant into the shot footage. Matching the interaction between Graeme and the elephant were key, so Graeme was tracked and rotoscoped back into the shots -- using select takes to perfectly match the elephants walk cycle.”

Check out the making-of video, below:

Source: MPC

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