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Moviegoers Follow the Angels & Demons Path of Illumination in Online Contest

On May 15, 2009, famed Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon will follow the Path of Illumination in order to thwart the Illuminati's plot to commit unspeakable acts of violence in their quest to destroy the Vatican in Columbia Pictures' ANGELS & DEMONS.

Online moviegoers from seven countries will have the chance to follow their own path with the Angels & Demons Path of Illumination Contest on

Contestants will compete online to solve puzzles themed to the film. They will look for clues using Microsoft's Photosynth software to view 3D online photographic environments of key sets used during filming. One finalist from each country will be flown to Rome to attend the world premiere of the film in May, where the grand prize winner will be announced. This program marks the first time that Microsoft is utilizing its Photosynth software in connection with a major studio release.

The contest site on MSN which reaches a global audience has also enabled the Studio to cross-promote the re-release of THE DA VINCI CODE on Blu-ray from Sony Pictures Home Ent. in all participating countries as well as tout the prizing from several partners including Sony Electronics and expose the MSN user base to Sony's various brands.

The contest began January 30 and will take place in two parts. Round 1 goes through February 27; Round 2 begins March 6 and then the contest ends March 27. To begin playing and for the official rules, entrants should go to

Each week during Round 1, contest entrants will complete a series of puzzles and explore Photosynth 3-D environments, including the Sistine Chapel and Papal Offices. The puzzles are themed to the four elements -- Earth, Air, Fire, and Water -- that the Illuminati hold sacred in Angels & Demons. Those that complete Round 1 qualify for Round 2, becoming capable of continuing the online race to vie for the opportunity to go to Rome.

The winner from each of the seven participating countries -- the U.S., Canada, the UK, France, Italy, Germany, and Spain -- will each receive a prize package, including a trip for two to Rome, with accommodations provided by Starwood Hotels; two tickets to the film premiere, one private Path of Illumination Tour of Rome, one Vespa S125, and one Damiani-designed 18K pink gold and onyx Camerlengo cross and necklace.

At the world premiere, the grand prize winner will be announced on the red carpet. The grand prize winner will receive one 2009 Lancia Delta (if the winner is in Europe) or two Aprilia motorbikes (if the winner is from the U.S. or Canada); one Damiani-designed 18K pink gold and onyx rosary cross and necklace; as well as a Sony Electronics package themed to the four elements:

-- Earth - Move the ground with a 5.1 channel home entertainment system-- Air - Transmit sound with wireless speakers-- Fire - Take high quality stills with a Sony a (alpha) Digital SLR camera and burn media with a Blu-ray recordable/rewritable drive-- Water - Stream multimedia from a home theater PC and 55" LCD TV