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Movie Lovers Name Indiana Jones' Greatest Moments In Survey From Blockbuster

Movie lovers are saying that Indiana Jones may have enough gray hair to be a classic, but they also overwhelmingly agree he's a modern-day hero that still captures their hearts and imaginations.

Blockbuster revealed the results of a survey in which film buffs gave "classic" status to several scenes from the first three Indiana Jones movies. The survey also reveals that fans still see Indy as a bonafide action hero, even if he has aged since his first film came out more than 25 years ago.

Anyone headed to see INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL, the first movie in 19 years to feature the intrepid archaeologist, may have some catching up to do. For returning fans and young kids completely new to Indy's adventures, Blockbuster released a list of the quintessential Indiana Jones moments. The scenes were selected in a survey of movie lovers, who selected the moments from the first three Indiana Jones films.

"The Quintessential Indy: The Most Classic Indiana Jones Scenes, Chosen by Movie Fans" survey from May 2008 for Blockbuster, conducted by e-Rewards

1. Running from the Boulder (RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK) -- 75%An overwhelming three out of four surveyed chose this scene with Indiana Jones running from a boulder in a booby-trapped temple as essential Indy material.

2. "Why Did It Have To Be Snakes?" (RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK) -- 61%This is Indiana's first on-screen encounter with the snakes he dreads as he descends into the snake-infested Well of Souls.

3. Shooting the Swordsman (RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK) -- 40%Indiana surprises a sword-wielding enemy with his gun in this comic scene.

4. Mine Cart Chase Scene (INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM) -- 30%Indy and friends speed through a mine shaft to escape the Thugee cult members.

5. Monkey Brains and Eye Soup (INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM) -- 20%Willie and Short Round choose from a menu of floating eyeballs, crunchy bugs, snake surprise and monkey brains at the Pankot Palace.

In addition to surveying movie fans about their opinions on the original Indy movies, Blockbuster also asked them how they feel about an older, more mature Indiana Jones being portrayed in INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL. Close to 70 percent said they didn't care about his age, agreeing that Indy would be just as resourceful in a tight spot as he was in his younger days.

Seventeen percent admitted he does seem a little old for so much action and adventure, but if anyone can pull it off, Indy can. Less than three percent indicated they'd like to see Indy return to his younger days in his next adventure.

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INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL will be released in theaters worldwide on Thursday, May 22.