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Morphink Releases New Web Authoring Tool

MorphInk has announced their commercial release of MorphInk 2.0, a Web-animation authoring tool. MorphInk 2.0 enables the creation and publishing of high-resolution animations playing at high frame rates (up to 30 frames per second) without increase in file size. In addition to its own ANC animation format, MorphInk 2.0 also supports other Web formats. MorphInk animations can be converted to Flash or Animated GIF. The MorphInk 2.0 package includes a stand-alone player, a Java player and ActiveX/Plug-In Web players. It also supports an "email with player" option for emailing ANC animation files. The key features of MorphInk 2.0 include: automatic morphing that turns individual key drawings into full-motion movie; automatic stroke enhancer that turns rough strokes into professional-looking graphics; an advanced shape editor; an automatic shape check that transforms rough hand-drawings into perfect geometric shapes; 3D effects support that allows 2D drawings to appear as 3D animations; color fill tool; Z-ordering tool provides depth imitation by layering objects; in-between corrector; timeline control allows on-the-fly timing adjustments during playback; bitmap importer inserts images to use as a background or template for tracing; vector graphics importer accepts clip-art for editing, to create animations; and PowerPoint animator imports animated drawings into presentations. MorphInk 2.0 is available as a free trial at the MorphInk Website ( and will be distributed through many prominent online retailers.

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