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More Video, Interactivity For NBC Digital

NBC Digital Entertainment announced this week its full slate of content for their summer and fall seasons.

Among the highlights are original webisodes for HEROES, CHUCK and THE OFFICE as well as 30 ROCK 360, a new original digital production: FEARS, SECRETS & LIES and extensive digital features for each new show.

The announcements were made by Vivi Zigler, Executive Vice President, NBC Digital Entertainment.

New chapters of webisodes for HEROES, CHUCK and THE OFFICE will debut on beginning in July. Additional chapters of webisodes for each show will roll out throughout the season. Each chapter of webisodes will continue to weave online with on-air creative to give fans a deeper entertainment experience.

30 ROCK joins THE OFFICE, HEROES and LIPSTICK JUNGLE, and goes "360" next season. Fans of the Emmy-winning comedy can learn from the best through Jack Donaghy's Online Business Courses (or "Jack U"), have access to Jack's blog and offer their own business advice by uploading videos.

Other challenges for users will include submitting skits for TGS, enacting provided skits from TGC, user response to "Ask Tina" and guided tours of their workplaces (in response to Kenneth the Page's tours). will also debut its second season of original productions with FEARS, SECRETS & DESIRES." This series will be available exclusively on

FEARS, SECRETS, & DESIRES is a unique online experience users help create an original online series by sharing their deepest, darkest secrets, their unimaginable fears and their scandalous desires. Two hosts will entice and inspire users by sharing their own stories, as well as providing discussion topics each week via vlogs. Users will submit stories in one of three areas on the site: Fears, Secrets or Desires. Starting in October 2008, selected posts will be adapted for an online NBC Anthology series that brings the posts to life with creative interpretation meant to tease, tantalize or terrify. Segments will be produced both in-house at, and by Hollywood talent normally associated with the big or small screens, not necessarily the computer screen.

A comprehensive list of new digital features, by show, follows:

Returning Shows:

--AMERICAN GLADIATORS -- User Generated Photo Gallery -- "Be A Gladiator," Gladiator personality quiz, and Ultimate Gladiator Workout and advice from the Gladiators.

--THE BIGGEST LOSER -- More confessional videos, extended "Where Are They Now?" segments, bonus scenes and customized features that will include recipe sharing and contests and fitness tips, widgets and games.

--CHUCK -- In addition to the new webisodes, fans of the show will be able to join Buy More and take Big Mike's Management Lessons and see inside the Nerd Herd "Help Desk" as well as get a look at the villains photo gallery and check out the Buy More Music Section (featuring music from the show).

--DEAL OR NO DEAL -- Video profiles of the models, a quarterly tournament with an online game and a highly anticipated new PSMS game.

--ER -- Weekly preview scenes.

--HEROES -- Season 3 of HEROES 360 expands the HEROES universe further with webisodes, online manhunts for the villains, the addition of more micro sites that allow the users to uncover more of the HEROES universe, wireless iTV interactivity and the ability to view the graphic novel on mobile platforms.

--LAST COMIC STANDING -- Users can see extended audition footage, a User Generated "You're Funny" showcase and weekly international commentary from former finalist Deb DiGiovanni.

--LATE NIGHT WITH CONAN O'BRIEN -- If They Mated; Actual Items; Celebrity Survey; Travels with Conan (customization available); Late Night Underground hosted by Late Night Insider; REWIND and a new season of PALE FORCE.

--LAW & ORDER: SVU -- Popular weekly previews continue.

--LIFE -- Interactive prison timeline giving the fans a chance to see what happened while Charlie Crews was incarcerated, a User Generated conspiracy wall and a LIFE Wiki.

--LIPSTICK JUNGLE -- In addition to popular existing features such as "Get The Look" Online Store, fans will find a mobile shopping guide and new additions to the online BONFIRE MAGAZINE.

--MEDIUM -- Recreate favorite "Allison Waking Up In Bed After a Nightmare" scenes, upload it and share.

--NASHVILLE STAR -- Original behind-the-scenes segments with online correspondent Wix Wichman, extended audition clips, weekly highlights, behind-the-scenes photos, quizzes, games and featured music.

--THE OFFICE -- In addition to new webisodes, this mega micro-site has it all for fans of THE OFFICE. Returning features include deleted scenes, Dwight's blog, User Generated office galleries, Adventures with Dwight bobblehead gallery, Office quote game, Office personality quiz, Adventures with Angela page, an interactive photo set tour and Season Two of Dunder Mifflin Infinity, the on line community where fans get a chance to run the branches.

--SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE -- Get a VIP tour backstage with weekly production blogs and video tours.

THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO -- Jay's Garage enters its third season and opens it up to the users to create their own garage pages. A historical TONIGHT SHOW timeline will also be introduced this season.

New Shows:

--AMERICA'S TOUGHEST JOBS -- In-depth contestant profiles, challenge analysis and an online survival game.

--CELEBRITY FAMILY FEUD -- Celebrity family bios, interviews, photos and profiles.

--CHOPPING BLOCK -- Featured recipes delivered via web, mobile and SMS and a New York City restaurant guide.

--CRUSOE -- Digital features will include extended flashback scenes, an interactive adventure game, Crusoe's diary and full episode streaming.

--KATH & KIM -- Full episode streaming accompanied by weekly "wine time" segments -- featuring Molly Shannon and Selma Blair as their characters discuss the week in pop-culture, fashion and neighborhood gossip, beauty Q & A and Kim's dating profiles powered by myNBC.

--KINGS -- City sites for Shiloh, Gilboah and Gath, creating a deeper experience for the user. Additionally, viewers will find videos about the King's ascension to power, a family history expose and full streaming episodes.

--KNIGHT RIDER -- "KITT My Ride" feature, weekly KITT voicemails to mobile subscribers, talking KITT e-cards and streaming full episodes.

--THE LAST TEMPLAR -- Guide to the Templars, Making Of video pieces, interactive decoder games and full streaming episodes.

--MERLIN -- Merlin's diary and Spells for Everyday Life.

--MY OWN WORST ENEMY -- Alter ego game, dossiers on supporting characters, an archive of Edward and Henry video messages to each other and a split site (suburbs vs. international intrigue).

--THE PHILANTHROPIST -- Full streaming episodes, Giving Back tips, Teddy's Lifestyle game and money tracker files.

--SHARK TAGGERS -- Fans will be able to meet the taggers through video profiles, interact with a Tag the Shark game and watch deleted scenes.

--XIII -- Interactive mobile events synched to the live broadcast and full episode streaming.