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More Stations Ax God The Devil & Bob

The new NBC animated sitcom, GOD THE DEVIL AND BOB, has been given the ax by five more stations across the U.S. NBC affiliates in Shreveport, Louisiana, Tupelo, Mississippi and Boise and Twin Falls, Idaho have moved the show to a late night time slot, while Pocatello, Idaho has completely pulled the show from its line up. Joining Salt Lake City which last week pulled the show from its schedule, the additional stations are in strict contrast to NBC's grand premiere of the series on Thursday, March 9, 2000. Currently, the show is positioned between the network's top shows FRIENDS and FRASIER. GOD THE DEVIL AND BOB isn't even receiving support from parts of the "liberal" press. Caryn James of the NEW YORK TIMES said, "Beneath its supposedly risky premise, the series is just one more benign and stale family sitcom." Ramin Zahed of THE DAILY VARIETY was a little more kind saying it was a "smart toon," but wondered "whether it can keep its devilish spark after the initial 13 episodes." After its premiere the show will be moved to its regular time slot at 8:30 pm on Tuesdays, up against ABC's sensation WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONARE. Some heavenly intervention may be needed for its survival, watch and decide.

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