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'Monsuno' Toy Line Launches This Year

Pacific Animated Partners announce plans to launch a toy line based on the animated action-adventures series “Monsuno Combat Chaos” this year.

Los Angeles, CA -- Pacific Animation Partners LLC, announced that it expects to launch a full range of new Monsuno toys in the U.S. and internationally in 2013 that reflects season two of the animated action-adventures series, Monsuno Combat Chaos. The animated serieswill debut in the U.S. later this year on Nicktoons and internationally on Nickelodeon international channels and free-to-air networks.

JAKKS Pacific will release new Monsuno toys and an all-new battle action game, accompanying the Combat Chaos theme. Designed to complement the new storylines, Monsuno Combat Chaos toys will deliver fun, easy-to-learn and fast paced gameplay while retaining all the great features and elements from the season one Monsuno toy program and animated series. 

“We are thrilled to introduce Monsuno Combat Chaos, which includes all-new action-packed animated adventures, toys and gameplay,” said Jared Wolfson, Director of Marketing and Creative Producer for JAKKS Pacific.  “Creating meaningful and relevant themes for the second season of Monsuno is an imperative part of keeping the brand fresh and exciting in the short term, while continuing to shepherd a long-term franchise-building vision.  The line-up of awesome new animated episodes, dynamic toys and easy-to-learn battle gameplay implements a strategically seamless integration of three all-important elements, which we expect will resonate strongly with our core audience.”

The new Monsuno Combat Chaos toys will include new larger transforming action figures, cores, accessories and battle sets that complement the existing Monsuno products.  The Combat Chaos battle game is easy to learn with immediate payoff for faster and more fun play, with the ability to expand by adding more figures, players, or both.

Season two continues the adventures of a group of heroic kids wrestling with the power to command and battle creatures called Monsuno, while fending off larger threats including new villains and catastrophic events. 

The series airs on Nicktoons in the US and across all of Nickelodeon's international channels. In addition, it airs on free-to-air networks including the UK, Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Africa, the Middle East, Canada, Australia/New Zealand, Latin America, Southeast Asia and Japan, making it available in 140 markets globally.

Source: JAKKS Pacific