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Monsters, Inc. Manga!

Mike and Sully will get a new look when U.S.-based manga publisher Tokyopop releases a graphic novel based on the Disney/Pixar property MONSTERS, INC. The 104-page paperback manga version of the hit CG-animated film, which features collectible stickers of the entire monster cast, will hit the shelves of bookstores and comic book retailers in October 2002, just after the film's North American DVD/VHS release. Tokyopop is carrying on a long tradition of featuring Disney characters in comics, which began in 1930 when Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks created a Mickey Mouse daily comic strip for newspapers. John Parker, Tokyopop's president and COO stated: "This association with Disney marks a first in what we hope will be a long and successful relationship in this medium."

Jerry Beck reviews THE ART OF MONSTERS, INC.,which showcases the film's development and concept art in all its glory. Get a peep at some of the industry's best in these 144 pages of inspiration.