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Monsters, Inc. Coming To Game Boy

THQ has announced the signing of an agreement with Disney Interactive to release Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance versions of DISNEY/PIXAR'S MONSTERS, INC. Set for nationwide release in winter 2001, the games are based on the upcoming computer-animated feature from Disney and Pixar, which will hit theatres on November 2, 2001. DISNEY/PIXAR'S MONSTERS, INC. for Game Boy Advance will let players assume the role of Sulley, one of Monsters, Inc.'s most elite kid "Scarers," as he explores five different monster-world environments, including the town, restaurant buildings and the scream factory. DISNEY/PIXAR'S MONSTERS, INC. for Game Boy Color will provide kids with an alternative side-scrolling adventure through Monstropolis. Playing either as Sulley or his best friend and assistant, Mike, players will travel through more than ten different locations at Monsters, Inc. and the city's neighborhood, interacting with friends and gathering items in order to protect a little human girl and return her home safely. "Disney and Pixar have a legacy of creating long-standing animated motion-picture classics," said Alison Locke, executive vice president, North American publishing, THQ. "THQ is thrilled to bring `Disney/ Pixar's Monsters, Inc.' to life for children and parents to play together on Nintendo's systems."