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Monster Scares Up New Shows

Monster Distributes is bringing three new acquisitions to MIPCOM and will be screening a number of other programs at MIPCOM Jr.

BANJO THE WOODPILE CAT (1x30), originally released in 1982, was the first independent production from legendary animator Don Bluth (THE SECRET OF NIMH, AN AMERICAN TALE, THE LAND BEFORE TIME, ANASTASIA). This is the first time that the fully restored film has been available to TV and DVD in both HD and standard-def.

IT'S JERRY TIME! (14x3-5), created by Jerry and Orrin Zucker, is a 2007 Emmy-winning reality cartoon featuring the weird but hilarious everyday adventures of an eccentric everyman, whose life is a bit tougher than it should be. The first independently produced web series to win an Emmy, IT'S JERRY TIME! has been acquired by Canal Plus France.

LOVE AND WAR (1x15), probably the world's first animated opera and winner of the Best Animated/Experimental short film at the Los Angeles Film Festival and the Nordic Best Short Film 2007 award. Co-produced with YLE and Sveriges Television AB Documentar/Kortfilm, the show has also been picked up by Canal Plus.

LIFEBOAT LUKE (52x5), from Belfast-based LTL Productions, director Alastair McIlwain and producer Richard Morss, is a search-and rescue-adventure for kids 4-7, featuring Lifeboat Luke and his friends in the mad, magical seaside town of Donaghadoo. LIFEBOAT LUKE is due to premiere on RTE shortly.

Also screening at MIPCOM Jr. are preschool animation I'M AN ANIMAL (52x2), PAWS AND TALES (13x30), ADVENTURES IN BOOGA BOOGA LAND (10x11 and half-hour specials), STARDUST: 45 MINUTES BELOW ZERO (1x30) and a number of other programs.

Monster can be found at stand H4.35 in the MIPCOM marketplace.