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Monster helps Kevin save the world

"Kevin Saves the World" is Monster Productions' newest entry, based on books by Daniel Postgate, produced and directed by Kine Aune and Oscar-winning British animator Bob Godfrey ("Great," 1964). The series (13 x 5 minutes) follows the misadventures of Kevin, a boy who always manages to come out on top despite his apparent ineptitude. The series, targeted for kids 4-8, has already been acquired by Nickelodeon U.K., Nickelodeon Scandinavia, RTE and ABC Australia among others. Monster's other available projects include 13 finished half-hours of "Storykeepers," two animated features "Christmas Storykeepers" and "Easter Storykeepers," 26 half-hours of "Tapend Tales" in development and "Guardians of the Millennium," a 26-episode 3D animated series in conjunction with an interactive, multimedia web site ( that features an environmental theme.