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Monster Distributes Plans to Demonize Annecy

It's only fitting that Monster Distributes has picked up all rights outside of the U.K. for a monstrous property called DOMINATOR, an 80-minute adult CGI feature from Rengamedia, which it is showcasing at Annecy. Rengamedia specializes in the development and production of animation and Manga-based projects for broadcast on TV and the Web.

DOMINATOR takes place in 2020 AD when all-girl rock trio, CrowCut, discover the fabled 'Lost Chord' during a gig, and accidentally summon the Dead God of Rock 'n' Roll - Dominator - to earth. Dominator is on the run from his satanic master, Lord Desecrator, with the stolen Key To Hell, and is followed to Earth by fellow demons Extricator, Decimator and Lady Violator, who've been sent to bring him back. Chaos and mayhem ensue as Dominator and co. thrash their way to stardom, fighting off a myriad of bizarre enemies along the way. Sinister government forces ally themselves with Lord Desecrator to bring about the Apocalypse itself, and Dominator finds himself trying to aid humanity in its struggle against the encroaching Legions of Desecrator. The action plays out to an extreme soundtrack, including tracks by Cradle of Filth, Killing Mode, Sikth and Synthetic.

DOMINATOR is the U.K.'s very first full-length CGI movie, from a team of British and Japanese creators and animators. Vocal stars include Dani Filth death metal band Cradle Of Filth, and Doug Brandley (HELLRAISER). The broadcast premiere is set for fall 2003 on the SCI-FI Channel, a division of Universal Networks. For more on the Dublin-based Monster Distributes, which also has an office in Santa Monica, California, check out