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Monkey Gets Down To Business At Cartoon Network On April Fool's Day

Some critics say that a monkey can make better decisions than a TV programming executive, while others, especially in the Animation Nation chatroom, say monkeys run production and broadcasting companies. To prove a point, Cartoon Network brought an actual chimpanzee (technically an ape, not a monkey), named Jimbo in to select the cartoons from CN's programming library during its April Fools' Day Monkey Marathon April 1, 2003 from 8:00 a.m.-11:00 pm (ET/PT). Jimbo picked a lineup of toons starring monkeys and apes in prominent roles. These include the classic SPACE GHOST episode "Planet of the Space Monkeys," episodes of THE BANANA SPLITS that feature Bingo (the gorilla) in a starring role, as well as Grape Ape, Magilla Gorilla and Monkey, from the DEXTER'S LABORATORY spin-off cartoon DIAL M FOR MONKEY. Classic monkey-centric episodes of THE FLINTSTONES and JOSIE & THE PUSSYCATS will be featured on April Fools' Day, as will three Bugs Bunny cartoons (GORILLA MY DREAMS, HURDY GURDY HARE and APES OF WRATH). Also included in the 15-hour marathon are episodes OF SUPER FRIENDS featuring super-mascot Gleek (Zan and Jayna's chimp pal) and top episodes of THE POWERPUFF GIRLS starring evil mutant monkey genius Mojo Jojo. "It was fun having Jimbo around, " commented Jim Samples, EVP/GM of CN, "with those great opposable thumbs of his, he impressed everyone with the way he ran the control board. But I don't think we'll ever get those banana stains out of the conference room carpet."