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Moneyshots Eats Up JS’s Ice Cream Video

Visual effects studio Moneyshots has completed design and compositing work on ICE CREAM, the new music video from hip-hop group JS. Director Dave Meyers wanted a glossy and vibrant 3D environment filled with colorful heart, star and clover shapes to surround the members of JS. Created by art director Charles Enfante, the pattern was inspired by the new Louis Vuitton designs and first appears in the video on a white ice cream truck, transforming into a 3D environment.

The job itself was pretty straightforward, said Moneyshots creative director Elad Offer. It was the kind of thing we have often been tasked to do create a visual CG universe and place the artist inside. The hard part in this case was creating a composition both organized and flowing a pattern that held together harmoniously in 3D with objects becoming bigger or smaller as distances and angles changed. Imagine a grid-like pattern filled with floating Christmas tree ornaments or marshmallows from a bowl of Lucky Charms, all against a white background then put a few gorgeous women in the middle.

Chris Eckardt, visual effects supervisor for Moneyshots, went on set with Meyers and the director of photography, Crash, and shot the women both with a locked-off camera and on a rotating platform against a greenscreen. After tracking their movements and matching angles, the artists were placed into the CG environment, which was created in Maya. Compositing, preview and beauty work were performed using flame.

The Moneyshots teams consisted of Offer and Tetsuo Yoshida as flame artists, and Eckardt and Yuji Yagasaki as CG artists. Radical Media was the production company, with Joseph Sasson producing. The editor was Chris Davis of Outpost Digital.

Moneyshots recently created graphics and completed on-line work, including sky replacement and transitions, for the Bubba Sparxxx DELIVERANCE music video and Bow Wows LETS GET DOWN. For more information on Moneyshots visit

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