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Mondo Media To Syndicate Elmo Aardvark

Mondo Media has signed a deal with Renegade Animation and Will Ryan Prods. to syndicate their award-winning Webtoon ELMO AARDVARK: OUTER SPACE DETECTIVE! The series features some of Hollywood's top voice talent including June Foray (Rocky, the Flying Squirrel), Diane Michelle (ALLY MCBEAL, MICKEY MOUSEWORKS), Corey Burton (DUDLEY DO-RIGHT, GUMMI BEARS), Keith Scott (ROCKY & BULLWINKLE: THE MOVIE) and Will Ryan (THE LAND

BEFORE TIME, THE LITTLE MERMAID). Renegade Animation co-founder Darrell Van Citters directs the series with Renegade co-founder Ashley Postlewaite producing. "Renegade Animation is delighted to team with Mondo Media in re-introducing ELMO AARDVARK to a mass audience," said Van Citters. "Mondo is the premiere provider of digital entertainment and has quickly established a reputation for delivering quality shows with wide appeal." John Evershed, CEO and co-founder of Mondo Media, said, "We are huge fans of Elmo Aardvark and Renegade Animation and we believe this is a perfect addition to our Mini Show lineup. There has been so much intrigue surrounding the actual history of Elmo Aardvark, that it brings us great excitement to team up with Renegade Animation and bring this beloved character back into the public eye." It is rumored that Elmo Aardvark first appeared in 1889 in flipbooks created by Cleveland artist Terwilliger Ryan and distributed with the Cleveland Star and Intelligencer. This led to the first Elmo Aardvark silent film shorts, which were screened in movie houses before World War I.

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