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Mondo Media Signs Gundam Designer

Mondo Media has signed GUNDAM WING character designer Toshihiro Kawamoto to design characters for an upcoming Mondo Mini Show. Currently the project is entitled SPIRAL, a sci-fi action adventure series which will be available on later this year. Kawamoto is best known for his character designs on COWBOY BEBOP, several GUNDAM series, GOLDEN BOY and the cinematics for THE GHOST IN THE SHELL video game. Also brought onto the project as key animator is Cindy Yamauchi, whose credits include AKIRA, VENUS WARS and RANMA 1/2. "Kawamoto-san is one of the top character designers in Japan, and many of his anime projects, like COWBOY BEBOP and GOLDEN BOY, are among my all-time favorites," said Mark Giambruno, art director for SPIRAL. "We looked at an incredible number of possible designers, but Kawamoto-san was our top choice. Having him doing the design work for our project is a dream come true."

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