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Mondo Group Teams with ndF on Letters from Felix

Mondo TV S.P.A. and MIM MONDO IGEL MEDIA AG signed a deal with ndF (neue deutsche Filmgesellschaft mbH) for the co-production of two animated feature films and the second season of a 13x26 TV series based on Annette Langen and Constanza Droops German childrens books LETTERS FROM FELIX. The $5 million production budget will be divided with MIM AG responsible for $2.3 million and ndF for $2.7 million. ndFs portion will be partially funded by the German associations FFA and FFF.

As part of the deal, Mondo Group will receive the exclusive theatrical, TV, pay TV, home video and DVD rights for Italy, Malta, Italian-speaking Switzerland and Spanish-speaking territories and will co-own of the worldwide rights. Mondo TV will pay ndF a minimum guarantee of $300,000 for the exclusive worldwide distribution rights for theatrical, TV, pay TV, home video and DVD with a 35% commission. Production is expected to be completed between July and December 2004.

Also participating in the production is the German broadcaster ZDF and Caligari Film GmbH. ZDF has a total market share in Germany of more than 13%, making it the third largest broadcaster in the country. Caligari Film GmbH, an independent production company in Munich, brings to the co-production a great deal of experience in financing and commercial handling of international projects.

ndF is one of Germanys biggest production companies, producing theatrical films, TV movies, family serie, and medical and criminal series. For more information, visit

Rome-based Mondo TV is a group of seven companies and a European leader in the production and distribution of animated TV series and feature films. For more information, visit

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