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Mixin Pixls Creates Smoking Effects For Arizona Dept. Of Health Services

Santa Monica-based Mixin Pixls recently contributed CG effects and post-production finishing services to Cognito Films and the Riester-Robb Agency/Phoenix, for a new anti-smoking PSA commissioned by the Arizona Department of Health Services. The spot began airing in April 2001. In Smoke Ring, a magic smoke ring pulls two lovers to a new world that is burnt and scarred by the toxicity of smoking. The spot concludes by inviting the viewer into an alternate universe of its own: a unique Website - - that looks like a cool youth magazine and provides information on smoking with irreverent flair. According to Mixin Pixls executive producer Dan Filice, The assignment was to create a smoke ring that at first looked playful, but when it positioned itself over the girls neck, would immediately turn dark and evil. The smoke ring essentially needed to have a character. We worked extensively with Cognito director Jim Edwards to develop this character. Jim had a specific notion of what he wanted. CG animator Damon Chernavsky provided many samples, which led up to the final look. CG Animator Brian Obee added his own animated smoke effect to the end URL title, while Mixin Pixls owner and composite artist Mark Dennison created a little of his own magic via Henry and After Effects, to finish the smoke ring.