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Mixin Pixls Connects For Verizon Wireless

Digital animation company Mixin Pixls has birthed a new spot for Verizon Wireless entitled "Cellular Division." Directed by See Spot Run's Lawrence V. O'Flahvan, the spot begins with a view through a microscope studying a phone-looking cell. The "cell" divides into two phones, then splits into five, explaining that with Verizon's Family Share Plan one pool of minutes can be divided between up to five phones. "Creating the animated sequence was an exciting creative challenge," said Mixin Pixls CG animation director Harri Paakkonen. "The goal was to have the cel phones look like recognizable telephones and yet look like real microbes actually undergoing organic cellular division. These visuals are completely divergent, so it was a process of discovery for all of us." Mixin Pixls Henry artist Mark Dennison created composites for the background plate and the twinkling lights seen in the petri dish. "I created this organic style type to compliment the cell splitting imagery," said Dennison. "I love to do type work and I was afforded a great deal of creative freedom with this project, so it was very rewarding." The commercial was produced for Houston, Texas-based advertising agency Bates Southwest.

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