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Miss Jones Wins A Gold For AT&T Olympic Spots

Design and cross media studio Miss Jones produced three 30-second spots for AT&T's new media services, which started airing during the Sydney Olympics. Against a white background in the first spot, "Pop," AT&T's familiar blue globe morphs into a pan of popcorn, at first popping slowly and then building to a crescendo while the globe swells to bursting. The second spot "Newton" opens on six AT&T globes lined up in a white field. An unseen hand pulls the first globe closer to us and releases it, allowing it to slam into its neighbor, transferring energy across the line forcing the furthest one out into space and back again. The third spot, "Balloon," begins with the AT&T blue globe growing an air spout. As it stretches, we hear something being blown up like a balloon and the globe is twisted like a balloon animal. Miss Jones executive producer Tracy Hauser said, "Aesthetics are changing, growing ever simpler. The whole idea of these spots was to capture and convey a sense of what aesthetics will feel like in the future." Art director Diane Pitman: "We wanted to demonstrate that AT&T was not just a phone company any more, and that broadband was just one of the things people could look forward to from the company." Barnaby Jackson directed the spots, which were produced for ad agency Young and Rubicam New York.

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