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Mirage Animation Offers Animation Financing Scheme

Mirage Animation, a new animation firm headquartered in Montreal, with offices in Los Angeles and New Delhi, is offering a new alternative to the rising costs of animation and game art production. Coming out of its first MIPCOM, Mirage Animation will defer all production related expenses (layout, ink-and-paint, backgrounds, compositing and effects) against broadcast contracts.

Producers would be responsible for pre-production and post costs and would be required to provide Mirage with signed broadcast agreements and evidence that they can finish the post-production.

Mirage charges $2,000/minute for 2D animation and $4,000/minute for 3D animation. Mirage would be compensated directly by the broadcaster and take an equity stake on the property against its risk which would be negotiated.

Its business model involves seasoned American and European artists supervising its trained teams of animators. This provides clients with delivery of their needs with the advantage of low cost outsourcing, a Mirage spokesperson said.

In addition to providing animation services, Mirage Animation is in development and creation of several in-house 2D and 3D properties and is open to co-production opportunities. Current projects include the 2D animated series YOUNG MARCO POLO and GOOFBALLS. YOUNG MARCO POLO is made for a DVD educational program, a Canadian/ Chinese co-production, while GOOFBALLS is a slapstick 78x7 series aimed at pre-schoolers through the first grade.

Mirage Animation is a division of the Jagson Group, a privately held corporation in India. Jagson has controlling interests in Airlines (Jagson Airline, a regional carrier), Oil Exploration, Garments, Paper, IT Services etc. Jagson has prided itself for bringing quality in all its activities, and its newly formed animation division will maintain this tradition. For more information go to