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Mirada Builds Interactive Installation for Nike

Miranda teams up with Blast Radius Toronto and Nike Canada to create an interactive installation at Sport Chek’s flagship store in Toronto’s Eaton Centre.

Los Angeles, CA -- Mirada and Blast Radius Toronto teamed up with Nike Canada to design and implement an interactive installation at Sport Chek’s flagship store in Toronto’s Eaton Centre, showcasing stunning original work from artists James Jean and David Choe and music from renowned DJ Cut Chemist. The project, led by Mirada Creative Lead / Producer Matt Winkel and conceived by Blast Radius Toronto Senior Creative Director Steve Di Lorenzo, features two new unique Nike sneakers designed by Jean and Choe and allows shoppers to manipulate original artwork by Jean and Choe on an interactive 108x96 inch wall to create their own designs, using the sneakers as paintbrushes.

The installation expounds upon Nike’s iconic brand concept that anyone can be an athlete, applying that idea to the art world by letting anyone harness their inner artist to create eye-popping designs. By moving and tilting a sneaker in various directions, shoppers can create new designs and unlock different features allowing them to manipulate both the art and the accompanying audio.

Mirada artists, led by Creative Director Kevin Lau, deftly blended art and technology to bring the installation to life. They obtained both original and existing artwork from provocative artists Jean and Choe, and separated out each piece into its various layers using Photoshop. Then artists animated each individual layer, applying different kinetic behaviors to different elements of the artwork, and using varying methods including digital animation and traditional cel animation to ultimately create a diverse library of elements for the installation. Mirada artists also blended elements from both Jean and Choe to create wholly unique images.

“James Jean and David Choe are among my personal art heroes, and it was a dream come true to be able to help bring their art to the masses,” said Mirada’s Matt Winkel. “Steve Di Lorenzo developed a spectacular brief for Nike and has his own deep history with interactive art through his gallery Pixel, so hashing out ideas with him and then ultimately getting the opportunity to work with such talent as Jean and Choe and Cut Chemist was simply incredible. I hope Toronto residents are excited by this project and the chance to inject something unique and beautiful into an everyday shopping trip."

Source: Miranda

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