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MIPCOM News: Spectra Int’l Bearish On Patou

After capturing the hearts of thousands of Canadian children thanks to numerous live shows, 40,000 books and 100,000 video cassettes and DVDs released over the past two years, PATOU the Polar Bear is now available on the small screen from Spectra Intl Distrib. and ready to charm his way into the hearts of children all over the world and hopefully into the lineups of buyers at MIPCOM.

In the new 52x15 series, Patou, the most adorable polar bear ever, tells stories to children and dances and sings for them. In a simple and direct way, polar bear uses his friendly and optimistic manner to share his magical universe, full of adventure, fun, songs and arts and crafts, with children 3-6.

Everyones ideal big brother, Patou tells secrets, plays practical jokes, does arts and crafts, laughs and shares with his neighbors, Julie and Vincent. Pianissmo, Patous imaginary friend, uses his music to underscore the polar bears actions and to accompany him when he sings.

In addition to the television series, which is also available as a format, there are more than 50 derivative products (plush toys, dishes, toys), including a dozen books, five videos and DVDs of shows and show excerpts, available for licensing. The PATOU series is produced by Films Zingaro, renowned for the quality of its childrens programming, including the series BROUHAHA and OPERATION CHAMELEON.

Spectra Intl will be exhibiting at C1.05. To make an appointment at the Martinez Hotel during MIPCOM Jr., please contact:

Marie-Sylvie Lefebvre, senior director, Cell: 06 1212-4600Nachida Kara Slimane, sales exec, Cell: 06 85 27 89 87

For more information about PATOU THE POLAR BEAR, and other programs, and Spectra Intl, please visit