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MIPCOM News: Sparx* Hopes to Charge Up Interest In Zoe Kezako

Paris-based Sparx* is charging into MIPCOM with epsiodes to show of its ZOÉ KÉZAKO.

The 3D animated series is based on books of the same name written by Véronique Säuquère, a lady from the south of France who has never been known for mincing her words. The show revolves around the adventures of seven-year-old girl and her friends. Zoé loves to speak her mind about annoying things that others would choose to ignore, then learns how to transform the negative into a positive.

The 26x13 series was turned over to talented director, Fabrice Fouquet (still gleaming with the success of his highly inventive short, LE PETIT VÉLO DANS LA TÊTE) and the equally talented Serge Elissalde (LOULOU ET AUTRES LOUPS, by Solotareff). The opening music has been provided by Dragibus, a major cult group acclaimed from Paris to Tokyo.

The idea was treated and brought to fruition by the CG and visual effects studio, Sparx* (, and its production company, Sparkling*. TF1 greenlit the series last October following a presentation at Cartoon Forum. Headed by producer Corinne Kouper, Sparkling was launched in 2000 as part of animation facility Sparx (, which was founded five years earlier in Paris. Sparx* and Sparkling* have built a reputation for 3D animation, producing series ROLIE POLIE OLIE, BOB & SCOTT, MELDU and YOURI THE SPACEMAN.

The CG is given a 2D rendering with a 3D process to keep the look faithful to Saüquère's original drawings. "I have always imagined Zoé as a cartoon and I was curious about 3D," said Säuquère. " With Sparx, they are adapting themselves to my drawings and not the reverse. They are artists and are careful with my work." Säuquère, who is writing the series.

ZOÉ KÉZAKO episodes available for screening at the Sparx* stand R33.10 include: Lola The Park Pin-Up, or, how not to lose it on a totally show-off girl whos a huge big hit with the boys and Brother Blues," or how not to turn your kid brother into a bath rug.

The first season (26x13') will be completed in March 2004 and broadcast on TF1 in September 2004. The second season is already in the development.