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MIPCOM News - Mike Young Productions Announces Pet Alien Partnerships

This week at MIPCOM, Los Angeles-based Mike Young Productions (MYP) introduced the companys international roster of partners for its new extraterrestrial property, PET ALIEN from John Doze Studios. The partners are: Frances Antefilms Production, based in Paris; jadooWorks PVT. LTD. of Bangalore, India; and Abú Media in Galway, Ireland. The partners are joining forces to create the CGI-animated project, a series of 52 x 11-minute episodes aimed at 4 to 11 year-olds. PET ALIEN stars Dinko, an alien from the orderly Conforma Dimension (where "I am not an individual" is the daily mantra), who discovers the thrilling chaos of Planet Earth. MYP describes the series as combining wacky "Tex Avery-style" action with 3D CGI graphics. Antefilms Production is responsible for distribution in French-speaking countries throughout the world and in Spain, and is collaborating on the production with MYP. jadooWorks is responsible for the animation and for distribution in some Asian territories, and Abú Media is handling post-production and distribution in Ireland. Mike Young Productions is in charge of pre-production, production and distribution in all territories except those listed for the other partners. A sneak peek of PET ALIEN will be screened at MYPs MIPCOM Stand No. 04.05. French broadcasters TF1 and Teletoon have already signed on for the series.