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MIPCOM News: LevyMann Back Up With itty bitty HeartBeats

LevyMann Entertainment is back for MIPCOM 2003 at booth 19.01 with four complete episodes of its 11-minute animated musical preschool series ITTY BITTY HEARTBEATS. The Beverly Hills-based company has entered into an agreement with Toys R Us, Inc. to release the series October 21, 2003, in an exclusive 30-day direct-to-video launch in the U.S. before heading to other mass retailers.

The series features seven lovable itty bitty characters CoolHeart, SweetHeart, BabyHeart, GiggleHeart, KookyHeart, DreamyHeart and HeartAche living in a magical world called HeartLand. Through heartwarming stories and original songs, the itty bitty HeartBeats help children on Earth solve problems and do things from the heart. The company is also developing a new 22-minute comedic action-adventure animation series, CIRCUS OF THE FLYING GLADIATORS, geared for children 6-11.

LevyMann Entertainment made its official introduction with ITTY BITTY HEARTBEATS at the MIPCOM trade show in October 2002. The Beverly Hills-based company is headed by Shuki Levy, former co-founder of Saban Entertainment and award-winning director, composer and musical artist. His partner, Anita Mann, is an Emmy-winning choreographer, producer, director, and writer. LevyMann decided to launch in a direct-to-video format because they wanted to bring the series directly to consumers as quickly as possible.

Anita and I have coined the phrase 'we do things from the heart,' because we want to get kids thinking and acting with their heart from an early age, said Levy. We believe that this show has the potential to affect children in an extraordinary way. Mann added, The home video format allows kids the opportunity to watch the itty bitty HeartBeats adventures over and over again, which will help to reinforce the positive messages each episode contains.

StudioWorks Entertainment, a Ventura Distribution Co., will oversee the direct-to-video distribution.