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MIPCOM News: Kickback and One31 Media Join Forces on BC Battlers

Marking its foray in the TV industry, One31 Media has joined forces with Kickback Media to unveil an action-packed animated series, BC BATTLERS. Targeted for kids 6-11, the 52x26 series combines turbo charged dinosaurs with riveting sci-fi adventures.

One of the hottest toy franchises to emerge this year in the U.K., BC BATTLERS will be supported by a TV advertising campaign that runs through to Christmas 2003 on Fox Kids and Cartoon Network. The toy range features cutting-edge radio controlled vehicles.

For aeons the Planet Jura has been a dumping ground for all the planetary races along its intergalactic pathway, and with such poisonous atmospheric conditions it was thought impossible to sustain life. However, during its polluted history various mutated life forms have begun to emerge which include telepathic humanoids and biologically chromed dinosaurs known as the Battlers. Wild and untamable, these aggressive creatures are lead by Twrecks, a massive female who senses the apocalyptic power of an evil force by the name of Caledon.

Battlers and Telepaths unite in the ultimate fight for survival, taking off on a perilous journey to Earth. The pioneers hope to find peace on the new planet until they realize that the malevolent Caledon is still on their tracks.

"The reaction to the property from retailers alone has been overwhelming and we are very excited about bringing it to MIPCOM," commented Kieran Leahy, director of One31 Media. "Dinosaurs, sci-fi and hi-tech vehicles have always been of great interest to kids worldwide, boys in particular, and this TV series will certainly offer an engaging storyline with more than its fair share of excitement and action."

BC BATTLERS immediately caught my eye because of its perfectly distilled boy appeal, said Kickback founder John Bullivant. Its hot rod dinosaurs with a great backstory. That kind of combination could give you the dinosaur franchise of the decade!"

Kickback Media (info@ was established in September 2002 by Bullivant, a specialist in kids programming for more than 15 years. Kickback Media focuses on creating, developing and financing character and design-based intellectual properties, with television activities centered on animation and live-action content for the childrens market.

One31 Media is a wholly owned subsidiary of Corporate Project Finance Ltd., a private equity finance company that sources and funds a range of projects. BC BATTLERS is one of many properties owned by One31 Media and the first to be developed for the television industry.