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MIPCOM News: Indigo Group Unveils 4 New Series

The Indigo Group will venture to Cannes with four new projects in tow for MIPCOM. The new projects include TOBY THE PRINCE OF WHALES, TINGUARO, BRADYS BEASTS and FREDDIE THE FROG.

TOBY THE PRINCE OF WHALES is a 26x30 2D series produced by Comet Entertainment and targeted for 6-12 year olds. Worldwide rights excluding Canada, U.S. and German-speaking Europe are available. While awake, Toby is an ordinary young whale, loved by family and friends. However, while asleep, Tobys dreams carry him around the world on an urgent mission to stop Diomeda, the evil Dream Eater from destroying the environment and all living things.

TINGUARO is a 13x13 3D series produced by Comet Entertainment and geared toward 6-12 year olds. Worldwide rights, excluding Canada, U.S., Middle East, India and German-speaking Europe; are available. Set in a futuristic world populated by peace-loving lizards and malevolent scorpions and cockroaches, TINGUARO recounts the adventures of an idealistic young lizard inventor, Tinguaro and his friends.

BRADYS BEASTS is a 52x13 series produced by Vivavision, Toon Factory and Treehouse Productions and is targeted for a family audience. TV, video, non-theatrical, publishing and licensing in U.K., Germany, Minor Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Africa and Middle East are available. La Fete holds rights in U.S., Latin America, Spain and Portugal. In this comedy were traditional pets are replaced by monsters, 12-year-old Brady is a real 'Doctor Ghoulittle,' who tirelessly pursues his dream of man and monster living together in harmony. Its based on the book HOW TO CARE FOR YOUR MONSTER, by Norman Bridwell, creator/writer of CLIFFORD, THE BIG RED DOG. The series is scheduled to air on TF1 France, RTI/Mediaset Italy and YTV, Canada in autumn 2004.

FREDDIE THE FROG is an 87-minute 2D feature produced by Hollywood Road Film Prods. Worldwide rights, excluding Benelux, Italy and Israel; are available. When buildings all over England start to disappear, the British Intelligence is forced to ask the French Secret Service to send over its best man -- Freddie the Frog aka F.R.0.7, who teams up with his best friend the Loch Ness Monster. This animated epic features voices from Ben Kingsley (GHANDI) as Freddie, Jenny Agutter, Brian Blessed, Nigel Hawthorne, Jonathon Pryce and Prunella Scales. The film features songs from George Benson, Grace Jones, Barbara Dickson and Boy George.

Indigo has also signed a distribution deal with Maverick Entertainment Ltd. for international rights excluding U.K., Australia and Benelux for its animated series, SNAILSBURY TALES.

SNAILSBURY TALES (26x10) has already aired on BBC, RTE Ireland and ABC in Australia. The series, targeted for children 3-7, follows the slow moving inhabitants of the town of Snailsbury. The series was written by Jimmy Hibbert and Diane Redmond (MUFFIN THE MULE) and is exec produced by BBC's Theresa Plummer-Andrews (NODDY, BOB THE BUILDER, BILL AND BEN, PINGU, POSTMAN PAT).

Indigo Group is an independent distributor and co-producer of films, drama series, documentaries and childrens programming for the international market. Based in London, it was founded in 1998 by Paul Shields and David Lawley.

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