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MIPCOM News: Curious Hopes To Peak Interest With 3 New Shows

American producer Curious Pictures sails into MIPCOM on the wake of the recent launch of its show CODENAME: KIDS NEXT DOOR, on Cartoon Network in Europe and Latin America. These include:

GEORGES WORLD, for kids 6-10, is a fantastical half-hour, mixed 3D and live-action series featuring a character based upon the boxing legend, entrepreneur and civic leader George Foreman. The George Foreman Action Figure is de factor mayor of the playground and rallies a colorful, diverse and sometimes chaotic community of action figures and toys brought to life to overcome adversities and challenges -- despite miscues and hi-jinx.

FROGBOY, for tweens 812, a 2D graphic animation inspired by comic book style art. A scientific accident transforms Pop City Junior High School kid, TAD POLEMAN, into an all-new superhero, FROGBOY the Manphibian. Until the scientists can figure out how to change FROGBOY back, they provide him with annoyingly perfect ROBOTIC TAD to take his place at home and at school.

WARPED, for kids 914, is about a bunch of extraordinary kids at a special school, the Walpurgis Academy for Remarkable Pupils (W.A.R.P.) located in the East village of New York City, in a skewed but familiar near-future. The show focuses on a bunch of kids coming to grips with their hormones, teenage angst, and paranormal powers in a New York seen through a magical-realist lens.

More about these and other shows in development is available at, Richard Winkler, president, can be reached via phone on mobile # 44 7789 370832.

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