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MIPCOM News: Carlton Launches 3 New Series at MIPCOM Junior

Carlton International is bringing three new animated series to MIPCOM Junior.

THE ISLAND OF INIS COOL (26x13) is a TerraGlyph and McCamley Entertainment production in co-production with Luxanimation SA, Ocon Inc. and Telegael Teoranta together with Kika - Der Kinderkanal ARD/ZDF, TG4 and the Irish Film Board and produced with the support of the Media Programme of the European Union. The show follows three dim-witted school-boys Biff, Boff and Ben O'Malley as they amuse and annoy their town with their cheeky attitudes and outrageous antics.

FUNKY VALLEY (26x5) is produced by Honeycomb Animation Productions in association with Carlton. The cut-out animation series was produced for Channel Five. Set in a madcap farmyard, the show follows the farms misfit animals, which include a dreamy cow, a busy ex-battery hen, a sensible pig and a bossy duck.

MECHANICK (40x7) was produced by Impossible TV for Channel 5. The show is narrated by Hugh Laurie (STUART LITTLE) and written by a team of veteran preschool writers, including Brian Cant, Cherry Britton and Nick Wilson. Using 3D animation and featuring a big set-piece song in each episode, this series follows the adventures of Nick, the friendly mechanic and his trusty dog Spanner, as they fix the cars in Tooley Town, encouraging a positive attitude along the way with Nick's philosophy on life: "Where there's a wheel, there's a way!"

Carlton International Media Ltd, part of the Carlton Communications group, is a media rights owner and rights distributor for a range of broadcasters and independent producers, including Carlton Television, Carlton Factual, Carlton America and U.S. based Carlton Productions LLC. For more information, visit

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