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MIPCOM News: Berliner Film Premieres New Animated Series

Berliner Film Company (BFC), an emerging premiere producer of original animated programming in Germany, will offer international buyers what it hopes is a dynamic lineup of exciting, eye-catching animated series at this years MIPCOM.

MISSION ODYSSEY is the classic tale of Ulysses, whose attempts to return home to Ithaca after defeating the Trojans are thwarted when Poseidon sends him and his band of warriors to the edges of the world, where they must battle fantastic mythological creatures. Strongly influenced by anime, MISSION ODYSSEY is filled with high adventure, non-stop action and suspense. Drama and comedic interplay between Ulysses and his companions, Titan, Zephyr, Nisa, Philo, Dates, Diomedes, and the Owl, lend a contemporary feel to a legendary epic. MISSION ODYSSEY is produced by Rainer Soehnlein, Dr. Carl Woebcken, Michael Hefferon, Vincent Chalvon-Demersay and David Michel, and is a co-production with Marathon Animation and M6.

In ADVENTURERS MASTERS OF TIME, four students Fire, Nevin, Paul and Kikko upload themselves by way of time continuum software and are whisked back through the ages on a desperate search for their missing computer professor. Along the way, they encounter great adventures with historical figures, all the while battling the evil Hacker and his Virtual Agents, who threaten to change world history. The endurance of each intrepid teen is tested as they weave in and out of time facing overwhelming perils and thrilling challenges, as they must not only locate their professor and return to the present, but also thwart The Hackers evil scheme for world domination. What better way to learn about the past than to experience it first hand with the greatest figures from world history? Along the journey, the Adventurers begin to learn what it means to work together, but also have the best of fun as the best of friends. ADVENTURERS MASTERS OF TIME is produced by Soehnlein, Woebcken and Hefferon.

ALTAIR IN STARLAND follows the unique exploits of Altair, a young boy growing up in the unusual world of the Starish people. Along with his best friend Blip, a clever, wisecracking little star, and his star-herding green dog, Altair sets off on zany adventures in Starland, an extraordinary group of islands in the sky, filled with surreal homes and eccentric people. Altair has a blast growing up in this bizarre world -- he rides on roller coasters that design themselves and he can fly. What more could a boy want? Well, somewhere between what Altair wants and what he usually gets is where his zaniest adventures take place. As Altairs best friend and constant companion throughout his journey, Blip, a star in her own right, not only lends support and a shoulder for Altair to lean on, but also shares her sharp-witted opinions throughout each episode. ALTAIR IN STARLAND is also produced by Soehnlein, Woebcken and Hefferon.

SHADOW OF THE ELVES follows the extraordinary adventures that take place in Meadowlands, a microscopic kingdom filled with flowers as large a redwoods and insects the size of dragons, where peaceful fairies and comical trolls must fight to keep their realm from being captured by the evil elfin king, Lord Kann. For the magical creatures who live in this whimsical world, fantasy has taken a darker turn, and evil has crept across the land. Deep in the Dark Wood at the edge of the Meadowlands, where the Elves have built their citadel in a gnarled ancient tree, their malevolent leader Lord Kann lusts after control of the entire fairy empire and vows to conquer every corner of the magical realm. Against this backdrop of conflict, a forbidden friendship develops between Daiman, a young elfin commander, and Thalia, a brave female fairy. However, each faces a separate struggle: Daiman is torn between his desire to save the Meadowlands and his loyalty to Lord Kann, and Thalia must decide whether she can be friends with the enemy while still defending her freedom-loving people. The fairies must fight together to protect their world from the elfin lords treacherous assault SHADOW OF THE ELVES is produced by Soehnlein, Woebcken and Hefferon.

Berliner Film was formed in 2002 to develop and produce television and feature film animation with American style and quality. The group of companies and its production facility are based in Berlin, Germany, and maintains an office in Los Angeles to maintain a constant presence in the heart of the U.S. entertainment industry. BFC is affiliated with Dresdner Allianz Group, one of the leading financial powerhouses in the world.