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MIP TV Offerings From Cookie Jar

Cookie Jar Ent. is heading into MIP TV 2008 with a wide range of exciting programming to offer global broadcasters.

Cookie Jar will preview its newest preschool show, NOONBORY & THE SUPER 7, already set to debut in Canada on BBC Kids, Knowledge Network, Access Television and SCN.

Cookie Jar's diverse lineup also includes WORLD OF QUEST, a comedic buddy series, HURRAY FOR HUCKLE!, a new take on the classic works of Richard Scarry, WILL & DEWITT, the story of a frog who teaches a young boy about empowerment, and MAGI-NATION, epic battles between good and evil in mystical worlds.

NOONBORY & THE SUPER 7 is set in the enchanting, Technicolor world of Toobalooba, five Borys, led by "common sense" Noonbory, use their heightened senses along with imagination and teamwork to playfully save the day. There's Lunabory, with the super sense of sight, Jetybory, with the super sense of sound, Pongdybory with the super sense of smell, Cozybory with the super sense of touch and Totobory with the super sense of taste, and their pal, Luky, who only has the sense of "nonsense". NOONBORY & THE SUPER 7 helps kids discover how their own special skills and talents can combine with those of others to solve problems and brighten the day. NOONBORY & THE SUPER 7 is Cookie Jar's second co-production with Daewon Media.

WORLD OF QUEST follows the young pampered Prince Nestor on a mission to save his parents and the kingdom of Odyssia, with the help of the square-jawed hero Quest. Lucky for him.Unlucky for Quest. Although he has no desire to protect the spoiled prince, Quest is the planet's greatest warrior and the only hero with enough strength, skill and courage to wield the Shatter Soul Sword that can defeat the evil Lord Spite and save the kingdom. However, the sword is missing and Quest and Prince Nestor are in a race against time and Lord Sprite to find the sword and save Odyssia. Based on the KOMIKWERKS graphic novel series by Jason Kruse, the series is part of the Kids' WB! on The CW Saturday morning lineup and will debut on TELETOON Canada this fall. Cartoon Network UK has also licensed the comedic action-adventure series.

In WILL & DEWITT, Will, an everyday kid who wants to do it all, is able to jump into new situations with a little help from his best friend, cheerleader and morphing pal, Dewitt (who just happens to be a frog!). Together Will & Dewitt are ready to make a big splash in the world! WILL & DEWITT is broadcast in North America on Kids' WB! on The CW and YTV and has been picked up by Radio-Canada and RTE (Ireland).

Inspired by the best-selling children's author Richard Scarry, who sold more than 150 million books worldwide, HURRAY FOR HUCKLE! (BUSYTOWN MYSTERIES) blends humor and learning by following the lives of six unforgettable characters who try to solve everyday life mysteries in Busytown. The show airs during the Kids' CBC preschool programming block. It has also been licensed to Nickelodeon (Italy), France 5, ZDF (Germany), SVT (Sweden), Radio-Canada, YLE (Finland), RUV (Iceland), DR (Denmark) and NRK (Norway).

MAGI-NATION follows the adventures of three young Magi who must journey through the Moonlands with their collections of Dream Creatures by their sides, to defeat the evil Shadow Magi who threaten their magical world. Faced with riddles, mysteries, vastly varying lands and numerous foes these young heroes and their Dream Creatures must use intelligence, wit and bravery to see their way though. As they continue on their quest they will unlock many puzzles of the Moonlands, and may just learn a few things about themselves along the way. The series is broadcast on Kids' WB! on The CW, CBC and Radio-Canada. Cookie Jar Entertainment will launch MAGI-NATION: BATTLE FOR THE MOONLANDS, its free-to-play/micro-payment online RPG at, in April.